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USB Power Budgeting (PDF)

Devices powered on the USB bus face a very limited power budget, particularly in USB 2.0 and earlier. This white paper discusses how to assess the power needs of USB-powered systems, looks at power budgeting, discusses the impact of voltage drops on the power budget, and makes suggestions on supplementing power with the use of powered USB hubs.
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Power over Ethernet (PoE) (PDF)

Devices powered over their Ethernet connection — using the same cable as that carrying data — are becoming increasingly commonplace. In many applications PoE saves the need for additional cabling and dedicated power sourcing. This white paper discusses the technology and its applications.
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Serial Device Server Applications (PDF)

Serial device servers — LAVA Ether-Serial Links — are a well established and powerful means of making a serial port available over a LAN, WAN, or Internet. Beyond simply IP-enabling serial peripherals however, Ether-Serial Links can manage multiple ports, convert serial port configurations, and much more.
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RS-232 Serial Ports (PDF)

Here’s a white paper with useful information on the most commonly-used serial interface, RS-232. It includes cabling and pinout information that will help you set up your port, and a full theoretical overview that will make you better understand the ins and outs of RS-232.
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IEEE 1284 Parallel Ports (PDF)

IEEE 1284, better known as parallel, was the workhorse high-speed peripheral interface for many years. Although eventually overtaken by USB in many applications, parallel ports are still an important part of the computing world.
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IP-Enable Serial Devices (PDF)

Serial device servers are perhaps the best way to manage and access serial ports at a distance. LAVA Ether-Serial Links are among the most configurable and reliable in the industry.
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USB 3.0: SuperSpeed USB (PDF)

It’s here, it’s fast, and it’s so much more. USB 3.0 offers better power management and more intelligence all round, in addition to being ten times faster than USB 2.0. Now is a good time to learn what’s up with USB 3.0.
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Choosing USB Hosts (PDF)

Covers USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 host adapters, with general considerations that also apply to USB 3.0.
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HQ-ST Link: Quiznos Case Study Polling ECRs (PDF)

Here’s how a 5000-store sandwich chain IP-enabled its ECRs, gaining centralized home-office data collection.
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