Tablet Compatibility List


NOTE: It is possible a particular tablet will be compatible with a LAVA SimulCharge adapter, and display the “charging” lightning bolt when power is supplied, but not actually increase the level of the battery. This anomaly is not a consequence of the LAVA adapter, but of the power draw of the tablet or the tablet and OTG-attached devices combined. This situation occurs most frequently when the tablet’s screen is large and brightly lit. The LAVA white paper “USB Power Budgeting” explains in more detail.

NOTE: Tablet and phone firmware can vary between geographical markets for a given make and model of a device. The compatibilities presented below represent the results of LAVA’s testing of North American firmware unless indicated otherwise. LAVA recommends testing before large-scale deployments to ensure successful operation.



stock (unrooted) version of:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

STS, TL-002

stock (unrooted) versions of:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0″, 9.7″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6″)*
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0″, 9.7″**)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0″, 10.1″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4″, 10.5″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (10.1″, 12.2″)
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro (12.2″)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ – 2014 Edition (no Ethernet support on some)

The Tab S2 and Tab E require STS-** products built after 2015-11-18 (see Samsung Tablet Compatibility)
* Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6″) running Android ver 5.x.x and above. Non-North American 4.x.x versions may not work.
** Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9.7″) North American model requires a LAVA micro-USB cable length of 19″ (50cm) or less.
*** Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9.7″) Europe and UK models may not work with any cable length, Model SM-T555 with Build: LRX22G.T555XXU1AOJ1 does not work.

STS-2UE+ (discontinued)

STS-P2UE+ (discontinued)

stock (unrooted) versions of:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4″, 10.5″)
Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO (10.1″, 12.2″)


Phone Compatibility List



USB Host Mode and Charging Adapter [1-USB]

stock (unrooted) versions of:

Samsung Note 2
Samsung Note 3
Samsung S2
Samsung S3
Samsung S4