The following software utilities are provided as optional products to LAVA’s customers at no charge. Although some utilities may function with other manufacturers’ hardware, LAVA does not warranty any of this software, nor is any guarantee expressed or implied in any way.

LAVA Config (click to download)

This utility reports I/O Addresses and IRQs for a PCI Bus Card. This utility must be run in DOS mode (not in a DOS window); failure to do so will cause a system lock up.

LAVA Com Port Redirector (click to download)

This utility allows users of LAVA serial cards to redirect the Com port name used by the card to one of the standard Com 1-4. Because some communications software applications only check for modems with the standard Com 1/2/3/4 names, the LAVA Com Port Redirector allows users to swap their existing Com 2 (for example) with Com 5 or Com 6 which may be their LAVA serial port Redirecting a Com port name does not change the I/O address space occupied by that port, nor does it change its assigned IRQ.

LAVA Speed Set (click to download)

This program automates the changing of modem DTE rates from 115.2k bps to 230.4k bps. 3Com Impact IQ and Motorola BitSURFR Pro EZ users will find this program particularly useful. These modems require the users to send AT commands to the modem to reset it for 230.4k bps operation, then the properties in Control Panel need to be set, then the properties in Dial-up Networking. The LAVA Modem Speed Set program automates all of these operations, and changing speed is now a matter of a single click.

LAVA Modem Speed Set currently supports the following external modems:

    3Com Impact IQ
    Adtran Express XR & XRT
    Ascend Pipeline 15
    US Robotics Courier I-Modem
    Motorola BitSURFR Pro & BitSURFR Pro EZ
    Motorola ModemSURFR 56K & VoiceSURFR 56K
    Zoom 56K external
    Zyxell Omni TA & Zyxell Elite 2864

LAVA SETADDR.EXE and SETIRQ.EXE (click to download)

LAVA users experiencing lockups when accessing LAVA serial ports
(click to download)