STS-2UE+ : 2-port USB Hub & Ethernet Adapter

 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Tab PRO only


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Tablet USB Host & Charging

The LAVA STS-2UE+ for Galaxy Tab S/PRO, provides multiple USB-ports, LAN connectivity, and the ability to use the tablet in USB OTG/Host mode while being powered.

Engineered with extensive power-management testing for robust operation, the LAVA STS-2UE+ can be used on its own, or as part of a third-party enclosure solution, supporting a variety of kiosk-type applications requiring USB peripherals.


OTG Device:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S/PRO (see compatibility list of supported devices)

USB Charger/Power Supply with a Micro USB-B connector, such as the power supply provided with the Galaxy tablet. Any regulated 5 volt power supply capable of at least 2 amperes can be used.

An OEM option provides a DC Barrel Jack for use with a 5-volt regulated power supply. The jack is rated for 3.5 amperes. The jack has a 2 mm center positive pin. The DC Barrel Jack is an option, therefore is not populated on the standard product. Only one of the two power inputs are to be used.

The power supply must never exceed 5.25 volts.


1 x Micro USB B to Micro USB B cable (39″/100 cm)

Note: The custom 39″ cable connects the device to the tablet. This cable must not be be extended.

1 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port (for LAN)
1 x Micro USB B port (for OTG Device/Tablet)
2 x USB A port (for USB accessories)
1 x Micro USB B port (for power input)
1 x Push Button (Charge mode switch)
1 x Charge Only indicator LED
1 x SimulCharge indicator LED

OEM Connectors:
1 x DC Barrel Power Jack, 2mm center positive pin
1 x Specialty port (for extended hub-to-tablet cable)
1 x 2-pin header (to optional Charge Mode switch)
1 x 2-pin header (Type jumper)
1 x 3-pin header (Charge Only indicator LED)
1 x 3-pin header (SimulCharge indicator LED)

Note: The OEM Connectors are not available on the standard product.

Depth: 3.3 inches (83 mm)
Width: 3.8 inches (97 mm)
Height: 1.7 inches (44 mm) – with feet
Weight: n/a


• Customer Facing Devices (CFDs) with scanners, card readers, etc.
• VOIP intercom system using wired Ethernet
• Taxi-cab systems (card readers)
• Point of Sale systems with peripherals (scanners, readers, printers)
• Point of Sale systems with wired Ethernet
• and many more


  • • Simultaneous OTG host and charging for Samsung tablets
  • • Designed for commercial/OEM use with Galaxy Tab S/PRO(see compatibility list of supported devices)
  • • Works with out-of-the-box (unrooted) tablets to ensure compliance with Samsung warranty requirements
  • • Ability to switch between “SimulCharge” and “Charge Only” modes via a push button switch
  • • Use of “Charge Only” mode is available for tablet boot-up and recovery
  • • Powered by a standard USB Charger/Power Supply through a Micro USB-A receptacle
  • • Can be powered by a USB Battery Pack
  • • Prevents power drain from the tablet to USB peripherals in the event of power loss
  • • 1 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet LAN
  • • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • • Enhanced Accessory Charging Adapter (ACA) mode switching
  • • Enhanced charging stability
  • • LAVA Limited Warranty

Optional features for OEM applications

  • • Cable and connector option for hub to tablet connection of up to 3 meters (10 feet)
  • • Ability to use external Charge Mode switch and Charge Mode indicator LEDs
  • • Use of a stronger power supply than a standard USB Charger via a DC Barrel Jack, for better charging and USB peripheral power budgeting


STS Product Family User Manual
SimulCharge operation with the Tab 4
Recovery mode for the Samsung Tab 4
USB 2.0 Power Budgeting (white paper)

Note: The white paper refers to the TL002, however the information applies to all LAVA STS Products.



  • • Designed for continuous use
  • • Enhanced host to Accessory Charging Adapter (ACA) mode switching
  • • Enhanced charging stability



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