Connect tablets to USB peripherals, wired Ethernet and Power over Ethernet


LAVA hubs and boards enable Samsung tablets to be used as fixed, interactive kiosks for commercial end-point applications. By providing wired Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and USB connectivity while charging, LAVA devices deliver a robust, scalable platform for small or large tablet deployments.

Flow Diagram 1b(2)

USB only:

TL-002 (1 x USB Adapter – Consumer)

STS (1 x USB Adapter Board)

STS-3U (3 x USB Hub)

Ethernet or PoE only:

STS-E (Ethernet Adapter)

STS-PE (Ethernet Adapter with PoE)

PoE-PD (Power & Data Tap with 2 USB Chargers and LAN Connector)

USB, Ethernet, PoE combo:

STS-2UE (2 x USB & Ethernet Adapter)

STS-2PUE (2 x USB & Ethernet Adapter with PoE)

GTK-001 Samsung Tab 4 Mini-Kiosk


Compatible with:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8″, 9.7″)

Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6″)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8″, 9.7″)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8″, 10.1″)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4″, 10.5″)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (10.1″, 12.2″)

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro (12.2″)


Click here for full compatibility list.


Uses Include:

        • Customer Facing Devices (CFDs)
        • Tablet-based signage
        • Conference room door tablets
        • Point of Sale (POS) systems with peripherals (scanners, readers, printers)
        • In-vehicle systems with peripherals (GPS devices, scanners)
        • Tablet docking (keyboard, mouse, LAN)
        • Together with third-party tablet enclosures, etc…


Hundreds of hours of testing, and many months of design work, in-depth field trials, and close collaboration with Samsung has gone into developing LAVA SimulCharge solutions for Galaxy tablets.  Designed for lifetime performance, each LAVA device is individually tested and covered by the LAVA’s industry-leading warranty.



Sales Contact: Orest Haluszka or Bob Figol

Toll Free: 1-800-241-5282 (North America)
Tel: +1-416-674-5942
Skype Us: office.lavacomputers

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