Support for LavaPort-ISA (ISA 1 port RS-232 16650 UART)



ISA Bus 16650 Single Serial Board

The LavaPort-ISA allows users to achieve ultra high-speed transfer rates when connecting their serial peripherals to a PC. The LavaPort-ISA is capable of transfer rates up to 460.8 kbps, which is ideal for communicating with ISDN modems, or other high-speed serial peripherals.

The LavaPort-ISA uses the 16650 UART, which has a 32-byte FIFO buffer that allows the CPU to send & receive bursts of data from the port without error. The 16650 UART also has highly efficient interrupt handling, eliminating communication bottlenecks and resulting in smooth, uninterrupted data flow.

The LavaPort-ISA offers a generous selection of IRQ and COM settings, to minimize the possibility of conflicts in resource allocation. The board is ideal for systems where manual setting of IRQ and COM addresses is a must.



Two 9-pin serial ports
One 25-pin parallel port

Product Details:
Shipping weight: 5.30 oz 150 g


  1. Adds two high-speed 16550 UART serial COM ports [9/9 pin] and one enhanced parallel port to any PCIe-equipped PC
  2. Both serial ports support 115.2 kbps throughput rate
  3. Automatically selects next available IRQ and COM addresses
  4. Easy Plug and Play installation
  5. Allows for backward compatibility with software that supports COM 1-4 only
  6. LAVA Lifetime Warranty