ESL 8 port RS-232 RJ45


Eight Ethernet-to-serial remote port

Ideal for POS systems, security systems, industrial automation, building automation, or any application using RS-232 devices, LAVA Ether-Serial Links provide serial ports that are network-enabled and simple to install, configure, and control.

Any serial device can send its information to an Ether-Serial Link, which then places that information on the Ethernet.

The serial ports of the LAVA Ether-Serial RS-232 8-RJ-45 look and act precisely like they are built into your computer: they appear right alongside other serial ports in Windows’ Device Manager.


Client: Ethernet interface

Windows Driver Mode serial port: Win 8, Win 7, Server 2008, Win XP (32-bit), 2000 (32-bit), Linux

Raw Server, Raw Client, Data Connect, Ethernet Modem, RFC 2217, RAS Server serial port modes: all operating systems

Eight RJ-45 serial ports
One RJ-45 Ethernet port

Product Details:
Shipping weight: 1000 g


  • Adds eight network-enabled RS-232 RJ-45 serial ports to any Ethernet network
  • Jumper-configurable to supply 5 V DC or 12 V CD on serial port IO
  • Serial ports support 115.2 kbps throughput rate each
  • Serial ports easily configurable as Com 1 through Com 255
  • Includes LAVA Ether Link Manager software that makes this the easiest device in its category to install and use
  • Makes serial devices available to multiple users
  • Makes one PC capable of managing hundreds of serial ports, even remotely
  • Eliminates using costly PCs as dedicated serial device servers
  • LAVA Lifetime Warranty


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  • Ether-Serial Links
  • Serial Port Technology
  • What is RS-232?