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April 2005: IP-Enable Legacy Payment Terminals

How many times have you stood at a checkout line and listened to the merchant’s modem dial out to process your credit card or debit card? This common scenario is becoming a thing of the past, as payment transaction processing moves from conventional telephone lines and modems to IP-based Internet connections.

Upcoming shows: Retail Systems 2005, National Restaurant Association 2005


June 2004: RFID Overview

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a rapidly-emerging identification and logging technology. Whether or not you have come across RFID systems in your work, you have probably encountered RFID in your daily life, perhaps without even being aware of it.

Upcoming shows: Supercomm 2004, Assembly Tech, Global Gaming Expo


April 2004: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a means of automatically assigning IP addresses to devices throughout a network, and of re-assigning those addresses as they are no longer needed by the device that used them.

Upcoming shows: RFID World 2004, KioskCOM, Retail Systems Show.


January 2004: New Lava RJ-45 Serial Port Products

A real fistful of new products for both industrial users and end users. In it we show two new Quattro RJ-45 cards, three new RJ-45 Ether-Serial Links, and the sixteen-port RJ-45 Serial Port Bank and its companion interface card.

Distributor profile: JDR Microdevices


November 2003: A Look at I/O Technologies: Technology & Desire

Like any new creation, a new I/O technology expresses, or maybe even fulfils, a desire. More even than our needs, it is our desires that drive technological innovation.

Distributor profile: Bantam Electronics, Inc.


September 2003: Lava Ether-Serial Links. Intelligent Remote Serial Ports

Ether-Serial Links are network devices that install serial ports on Ethernet networks. The serial ports in an Ether-Serial Link send information to an Ethernet, by converting it to an IP-compatible format.


July 2003: Lava’s 8255-PIO Programmable Peripheral Interface Board

The Lava 8255-PIO (Programmable Peripheral Interface I/O) board is the best way to make use of the I/O capabilities of the 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) chip.

Distributor profile: Bantam Electronics, Inc.


June 2003: Ether-Serial Nitty Gritty. Inside the Ether-Serial Link

Lava Ether-Serial Links provide a convenient, simple, and cost-effective way of deploying serial ports across Ethernet networks.

Distributor profile: Northwest Computer Accessories


May 2003: Ether-Serial Links

Introduction to Lava’s remote serial port products. Also:Ether-Serial POS application, What Sets the Lava Ether-Serial Link Apart?

Distributor profile: Lin Haw


April 2003: PCI-X 2.0

How fast is PCI-X? Find out here. Also: Lava 3.3 volt PCI boards,

PCI logo spotting guide, and a sales tip on how to make the most of customer complaints.

Distributor profile:


March 2003: Simplicity, Configurability, Reliability: Invisible I/O

The perfect I/O board is invisibile to the user: how Lava makes it so / Product-to-peripheral match-up / How to stop “selling” and start “doing business”

Distributor profiles: Canadian and American on-line distributors


February 2003: LavaPort-650 Handles the Stress

The LavaPort-650 serial port accelerator makes the ideal interface for a demanding microcontroller programming device./ QNX support for serial 16550 cards / CeBIT Hannover 2003

Distributor profiles: Canadian and American distributor lists


January 2003: Plugging into USB

What is a USB 2.0 cable, and why would you want to buy one? The true facts.

Distributor profiles: Cables to Go, Comtronic


December 2002 : Keying into PCI

This month’s issue of Link looks at the flexibility, longevity

and overall success of the PCI bus.

Distributor profiles: Seneca Data, Peripheral Express


November 2002: RS-422: An Alternative to RS-232

Faster speed and longer cable distance are just some of the benefits of RS-422.

Distributor profile: Trimex Marketing Inc.


October 2002: Serial Accelerators

Need fast serial I/O? Get to know the LavaPort family of products

in the October issue of Link.

Distributor profiles: Lex Tec, ABLE Computer Systems


September 2002: Lava Made to Order

Lava is an established and experienced I/O designer.

Find out what we can custom-build for your particular needs.

Distributor profiles: GB Micro,


August 2002: What is RS-232?

Link continues to look at serial communications

with this month’s story on the RS-232 specification.

Distributor profiles: CompuSmart , Impaq Mirco


July 2002: The Art of the UART

Link begins a series of articles on serial communications

with an examination of the UART.

Distributor profiles: Universal MicroElectronics , EMJ Data Systems


June 2002: PC-based Point-of-Sale Systems

Lava’s innovative solutions for POS systems

is the subject of this month’s Link.

Distributor profiles: Elco Systems , Microsel


May 2002: System Upgrade

Find out everything you need to know

before upgrading your system’s hardware.

Distributor profiles: Access 8 , Nor-Tech


April 2002: A New Approach to Inner Space

Read about Lava’s space-saving low-profile products.

Distributor profiles: Supercom Canada , Bell Microproducts


March 2002: Parallel Thinking

Lava continues to innovate parallel port technology.

Distributor profiles: Tomauri , Cables Unlimited , Amteq Quintis


February 2002: Upselling and the Holiday Connection

Lava products help users get the most from their holiday toys.

Distributor profiles: Computer Plug Accessories , SCL Ltd , SED International


January 2002: IDE Drive Enclosures

Everything you need to know about

Lava’s IDE drive enclosure products; Kazan and FireDrive?.

Distributor profile: Atlantic Cable


December 2001: Plug and Play

What is Plug and Play really?

This month’s Link has the answer.

Distributor profile: Northwest Computer Accessories


November 2001: Daisy-chaining

The do’s and don’ts of daisy-chaining FireWire? and USB devices.

Distributor profile: Equus Computer Systems


October 2001: Getting Ready for Windows XP

Understanding Microsoft’s Windows XP PC system requirements.

Distributor profile: ADM 21


September 2001: Focus on USB 2.0

An in-depth look at Lava’s high-speed USB 2.0 products.

Distributor profile: Pro-Data Inc.


August 2001: High-speed Host Adapters

Find out why high-speed host adapters are the ideal system upgrade.

Distributor profile: Great Lakes Electronics


July 2001: Low-profile PCI Cards

Find out the ins and outs of low-profile pci cards.

Distributor profile: Trimex Marketing Inc.


June 2001: Focus on FireDrive?

FireDrive is the focus of this month’s issue of Link.

Distributor profile: Transamerican Computer