Connecting a USB Flash Drive to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in Powered Host Mode

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Using the LAVA USB Host Mode and Charging Adapter you can simultaneously charge a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and operate in USB host mode. The conventional host mode adapter, when used, makes charging not possible.

Watch the video to see how simply this is done: no software needed, just plug the bits together.

2013-08-01 Flash drive charging host mode Galaxy Tab 2 blog

Watch the video:

Flash Drive and Charging with the Galaxy Tab 2

Hard Wired Ethernet for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

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Tablets are typically connected to networks using WiFi, but there are times when a hard wired connection is preferable or necessary. Industrial and Point-of-Sale (POS) applications come to mind. But without a built-in Ethernet port on the tablet, it ain’t happening….or is it?

Well, in fact many tablets can operate in USB Host Mode (a variant of which is sometimes called “USB OTG” or “USB On the Go”). In this mode, the tablet’s USB port acts as a host, and can support the connection of a USB device: and in the case where a cabled network connection is desired, an Android-supported USB-to-Ethernet adapter is the tool of choice¬†(wired Ethernet also requires compatible firmware in the tablet).


A problem arises with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 however: the same connector that is used for USB host mode interfacing is also the connector used to connect the tablet to external power for extended use or battery charging, so the tablet can only be cabled to the network for the duration of the charge on the battery. A second obstacle — that Samsung has removed Ethernet driver support from these tablets — needs to be solved by rooting the tablet and supplying a driver.

LAVA has a solution: the LAVA USB Host Mode & Charging Adapter for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This device makes it possible to simultaneously connect devices in USB Host Mode and to input power to the tablet at the same time.

2013-08-01 Ethernet hard wired to Galaxy Tab 2_sm

Host Mode & Charging Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Users

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Here at LAVA we like to solve obvious problems, and one of the most evident is caused by the standard USB Host Mode Adapter that is available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This adapter makes it possible to add USB devices such as flash drives to the Galaxy Tab 2, and it connects to the 30-pin connector of the tablet. That’s great — now it’s possible to watch a movie directly from a flash drive, for instance. Other USB devices can use USB Host Mode also.

BUT…there is a catch. The connector that is used to attach the USB Host Mode Adapter is also the connector that is used to power and charge the tablet itself. So the situation arises: when in host mode, the tablet relies entirely on its battery. That clearly places a time limit on how long the tablet can be used in host mode.


One LAVA customer came up against this limitation in a Point of Sale (POS) application, where they wanted to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as a POS interface, and to also have the tablet in USB Host Mode. But this system needed to run full time, so the tablet needed to receive power while in Host Mode. There is a fix for that now: the LAVA USB Host & Charging Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


The adapter puts the Galaxy Tab 2 in to USB Bost Mode, and power is added using the stock power adapter and a standard A/B USB cable. Now you can watch 10 hours 54 minutes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, 13 hours 17 minutes of Star Wars movies, and 19 hours 39 minutes of the Harry Potter film series without missing a beat. Follow that up with a 240 hour screening of 2011’s Modern Times Forever and the problem will be running out of popcorn, not power.

April Specials on ESL and WiFI ESL

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Check out the LAVA web stores for special April pricing on the WiFi Ether-Serial Links 1-232-DB9, 1-232-RJ45, 2-232-DB9, and 2-232-RJ45 and on the Ether-Serial Links 1-232-DB9, 1-232-RJ45, 2-232-DB9, and 2-232-RJ45.

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