Ether-Serial Links: Win 7 Embedded

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LAVA now has a functioning Windows 7 Embedded install (driver and Ether-Link Manager) for Ether-Serial Links, at present in an Engineering Release only. Customers looking to use the Ether-Serial Link in a Windows 7 Embedded context will find this of interest.

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This release was developed for a customer who wanted to install the Ether-Serial Link driver on a digital video recorder that uses Windows 7 64-bit Embedded. A sample system was provided to us for testing. The specific model was an I3DVR w S1200BTL motherboard.

Digital video recorder

Digital video recorder

For those interested in the details, the following Ether-Serial Link Manager installations were tested and the results are:

Manager version 5.5.0
Creating a port opens the DOS box, but generates an error of “SetupDiCallClassInstaller: Cannot find the file specified”.

Manager version 5.7.0
Creating a port did not open any window or appear to do anything. A later attempt reported that the target operating system is not supported. The reason for the change in behaviour is not known.

Manager version 5.7.2
A port is created and functions. Note: This is an Engineering Release not intended for distribution. It primarily contains the changes for the next generation of the ESL, which has not been tested on all platforms.
The first attempt to activate a port worked, although the Windows message stating the driver is not digitally signed popped up. The installed driver is signed and reports as such in the Device Manager. This is a known problem with the install process of the Manager for Windows 7 64-bit systems. The pop-up does not always occur. Successive installation attempts worked with pop-up.
The Manager logs debug information regarding the operating system version. For the DVR system, the O/S reports version 6.1, product type 1, platform type 2, and a GPI identifier of 65.
The 5.7.2 version of Manager.exe has been combined into a standard self extracting executable for release to customers who need to try the driver on a Windows 7 Embedded system. The Manager.exe has many changes in it which will not be tested for several weeks, which is the other reason not to put the release into general distribution.
The Windows 7 64-bit driver has not been changed, only the installation program. The driver is version 5.5.0.

The handling of the release of the 5.7.2 Manager has been discussed internally. For the present at least, it will not be placed on the company Website, but will be made available on request.

New Support Ticketing System

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Support Ticketing SystemWe’ve just set up a support ticketing system to make handling your support requests MUCH easier and more effective for everyone. Now you can go online to and open your own support request. You’ll get a ticket number emailed to you that you can use to track your support issue and to communicate with a LAVA tech support person. Never fear: you can also still pick up the phone and speak to someone, but the ticketing system lets you get the ball rolling at any time, day or night. And remember: your LAVA product comes with free technical support included, along with the LAVA Lifetime Warranty.

Updated RS-232 Serial Ports white paper

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LAVA’s white paper on RS-232 serial ports has been a popular download for years. In 26 pages, this PDF covers a great deal of what you need to know to understand and use serial ports. It discusses what a serial port is, and looks closely at RS-232 (signalling, electrical, and mechanical aspects). UARTs are defined and their operation — stop and start bits, parity bits, data bits, buffers and triggers, Windows port configuration screens, and more — are covered. A section on how the UART structures serial communication really makes clear how serial ports operate.

On the practical side, RS-232 signal descriptions, details on connectors and cables, cable lengths, serial port resource requirements, addresses and interrupts, serial port line settings, and flow control are all discussed.

There’s lots more too — and you can download this white paper easily right here.

White Paper Download

White Paper Download

A New Day!

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For all of you out there who have been following our developments here at LAVA we’re happy to announce that we have introduce several new features on our site.

In the last couple of days we’ve rolled out a brand new Help Desk System as well as a Support Forum to help assist in all your support needs.

In addition we’ve created this blog to let you know of any crazy new ideas that we have cooking up here in the office, as well as possible application uses and project ideas.

Stay tuned for a number of new developments that are sure to be turning up in the near future.

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