Wired Ethernet with Samsung Galaxy Tab A/E/S2/4 using SimulCharge USB: Video

2nd Tuesday, 2014  |  Life at LAVA  |  no comments

This video shows the LAVA SimulCharge USB Adapter (TL-002) connecting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to an Ethernet LAN using the SimulCharge USB adapter. The TL-002 will also work with new Samsung tablets like the Tab E (Android 5.x), Tab A, Tab S2. Click here for full compatibility list.  Also, the new LAVA STS-E LAN adapter can provide wired Ethernet without an extra USB-Ethernet Adapter.


wiired Ethernet for your tablet_700px


A major point: the LAVA SimulCharge TL-002 is the ONLY OTG adapter on the market that also provides charging to the tablet and hosted peripherals. This means that your wired Ethernet link will not be limited by the battery life of your tablet.

Points to note:

• the USB-Ethernet adapter must be compatible with the Ethernet firmware on the tablet.
• the power required for the USB-Ethernet adapter needs to be within the USB power budget available for your power adapter and setup. Generally, an Ethernet adapter will not in itself draw too much power. However, if you are attaching numerous USB devices to the setup, things might not work, as the Samsung power adapter has been primarily designed for powering a tablet.
• the tablet DOES NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED to use the TL-002. This is a major bonus for those wanting to work within their tablet’s warranty provisions.
• the TL-002 adapter is intended for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 / PRO / Note tablets. Ethernet support firmware needs to exist in these tablets for them to speak to the USB-Ethernet adapter.
• the “tablet charging” icon (a battery with a lightning bolt) is more properly seen as a “tablet is receiving external power” icon. In the most simple situation–the tablet alone attached to wall power using its power adapter–the tablet will be receiving enough power to also increase the battery’s charge. In other situations, such as when another power draw is added to the mix (a USB-Ethernet adapter in this case), the total power getting to the tablet might not be sufficient to add charge to the battery, even though power is being fed to the tablet. In these cases, the power draw of the tablet will be greater than the power being added to the tablet, and so the tablet will slowly discharge–even though the tablet’s power icon shows a lightning bolt.

Tab 4 hosting a USB-Ethernet adapter

This adapter provides a simple way — in fact the only way — to attach a USB-Ethernet adapter to a Samsung Tab 4/Pro/S/Note, and at the same time charge the battery or run the tablet on wall power using the Samsung power adapter supplied with your tablet.

This diagram shows the very simple setup involved.

2014-09-02 TL-002 and wired Ethernet

As you’ll see, the adapter is truly plug and play, and the Ethernet adapter used in the video is used by the tablet with no need to configure anything.