USB Host Adapter with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/PRO/S: Video

23rd Wednesday, 2014  |  Life at LAVA  |  no comments

This video shows the LAVA USB Host and Charging Adapter working with the three supported Samsung tablets: Galaxy Tab 4, Tab PRO, and Tab S.

Tab 4-PRO-S Host Mode Charging Adpater video_700px

This adapter provides one USB 2 Host port that can be used to attach a USB device to the tablet, and at the same time makes it possible to charge the battery or run the tablet on wall power using the Samsung power adapter supplied with your tablet.

This diagram shows the very simple setup involved.

Tab 4 tab PRO TabS OTG Charging layout_700px

As you’ll see, the adapter is truly plug and play, and the thumb drive used in the video is assessed by each tablet in turn with no need to configure anything.