Host Mode & Charging Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/PRO/S/Note

17th Thursday, 2014  |  Life at LAVA  |  no comments

Here at LAVA we like to solve obvious problems, and one of the most evident is caused by the standard USB Host Mode Adapter that is available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab/PRO/S/Note. This adapter makes it possible to add USB devices such as flash drives to these tablets, and it connects to the micro USB port of the tablet. That’s great — now it’s possible to watch a movie directly from a flash drive, for instance. Other USB devices can use USB Host Mode also.

BUT…there is a catch. The connector that is used to attach the USB Host Mode Adapter is also the connector that is used to power and charge the tablet itself. So the situation arises: when in host mode, the tablet relies entirely on its battery. That clearly places a time limit on how long the tablet can be used in host mode.

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One LAVA customer came up against this limitation in a retail application, where they wanted to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as a customer-facing device (where customers in a store could look up product information themselves by scanning them at a tablet-based kiosk). But this system needed to run full time, so the tablet needed to receive power while operating in Host Mode. There is a fix for that problem now: the technology used in the LAVA Host Mode and Charging Adapter for Galaxy Tab 4/PRO/S/Note.

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The adapter puts the tablet into USB Host Mode, and power is added using the stock power adapter. Now you can watch 10 hours 54 minutes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, 13 hours 17 minutes of Star Wars movies, and 19 hours 39 minutes of the Harry Potter film series without missing a beat. Follow that up with a 240 hour screening of 2011’s Modern Times Forever and the problem will be running out of popcorn, not power.