Hard Wired Ethernet for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

1st Thursday, 2013  |  Life at LAVA  |  no comments

Tablets are typically connected to networks using WiFi, but there are times when a hard wired connection is preferable or necessary. Industrial and Point-of-Sale (POS) applications come to mind. But without a built-in Ethernet port on the tablet, it ain’t happening….or is it?

Well, in fact many tablets can operate in USB Host Mode (a variant of which is sometimes called “USB OTG” or “USB On the Go”). In this mode, the tablet’s USB port acts as a host, and can support the connection of a USB device: and in the case where a cabled network connection is desired, an Android-supported USB-to-Ethernet adapter is the tool of choice¬†(wired Ethernet also requires compatible firmware in the tablet).


A problem arises with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 however: the same connector that is used for USB host mode interfacing is also the connector used to connect the tablet to external power for extended use or battery charging, so the tablet can only be cabled to the network for the duration of the charge on the battery. A second obstacle — that Samsung has removed Ethernet driver support from these tablets — needs to be solved by rooting the tablet and supplying a driver.

LAVA has a solution: the LAVA USB Host Mode & Charging Adapter for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This device makes it possible to simultaneously connect devices in USB Host Mode and to input power to the tablet at the same time.

2013-08-01 Ethernet hard wired to Galaxy Tab 2_sm