POS to DVR or NVR Integration: A Serial Splitter

6th Wednesday, 2012  |  Life at LAVA  |  no comments

Eye in the Sky (www.eyeintheskycams.com) wanted to develop a simple and effective method of collecting receipt/journal printer information from a Ruby POS system, print it, and simultaneously send it to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) for text overlay.

The solution required taking the serial port printer outputs from a Ruby POS system to a dumb line splitter, which passed all the serial lines directly to the printer, and also passed the ground (GND) and transmit (Tx) lines to the LAVA Ether-Serial Link.

The printer was able to print just as before, and the receipt/journal data was also passed to the Ether-Serial Link, which passed it onto the NVR (in this case, a Milestone Systems NVR) over a network connection.

Ruby POS to Milestone NVR integration

Ruby POS to Milestone NVR integration

The LAVA Ether-Serial Link is set to operate in Windows Driver mode, and is a fully-implemented remote serial port, accessible from a Windows PC (in this case, a Windows 7 system). In this mode, data arriving on the serial port of the Ether-Serial Link is passed on to the Milestone system for overlay.

The primary challenge in creating this setup was simply making the correct pin connections from the RJ-45 serial connectors of the Ruby POS to the serial port on the LAVA Ether-Serial Link, as the pin designations for the port outputs from the Ruby POS were not readily available.

Once this was done — a matter of selecting the correct splitter lines — the system was ready for prime time.

Check out this blog post if you want to know how to select the correct splitter wires.