Raspberry Pi serial port: Ribbon or no ribbon?

14th Monday, 2012  |  Engineering News, Life at LAVA  |  no comments

The interest in an RS-232 serial port for the Raspberry Pi has LAVA considering making a simple GPIO-to-RS-232 DB-9 serial port board. This little item would plug onto the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pin header, take the Raspi’s UART signals up to RS-232 levels, and present them on a conventional DB-9 (aka DE-9) connector. It would save a lot of people the trouble of individually sourcing components and parts, futzing around with pinouts, line drivers, and soldering, and ending up with a messy bread-boarded product at the end of it all.

ribbon or no ribbon

So the question for all you out there thinking about using the Raspberry Pi to connect to an RS-232 peripheral is this: if you could have a tidy single-board serial port that would plug onto the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi, would you want it to plug directly onto the GPIO pins or would you want it led off the Raspberry Pi’s board with a ribbon cable? Reply to this post to let me know!