Weather stations on the Internet

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From backyard weather stations to nation-wide integrated systems, the Internet has transformed the collection, analysis, and distribution of weather information. By their nature, weather stations are geographically scattered, and yet there is great value in consolidating the information that they collect. For this reason, many weather stations have the capability of outputting thier data to a computer system or modem.

LAVA Ether-Serial Links can play a role in either eliminating the need for a computer near the weather station, or can make it possible to eliminate phone line/modem connectivity, or costly cellular modems.

The usual arrangement is having the weather station connect to a computer, either directly on serial, USB, Ethernet, or through a modem. An Ether-Serial Link (or other serial device server) can cost-effectively streamline the process, eliminating the modem/phone line connection, or even eliminating the computer itself.

Weather station setup w ESL

LAVA has written an application note that takes the users of Davis Instruments weather stations through the steps of getting those devices on the Internet; the overall concepts apply to other manufacturers’ weather stations as well.

Once online, your weather station can contribute to the many individually operated weather stations feeding data in to systems like the Weather Underground.