New! Dual serial full-height PCIe card

24th Tuesday, 2012  |  Life at LAVA, news  |  no comments

We’ve just launched a new version of our DSerial-PCIe. This version is the DSerial-PCIe/LP (our low profile PCIe card), but fitted with a full-height bracket. The advantage is that the fan-out cable used on the low-profile version is now available on a full-height PCIe card. For those wanting the flexibility of a cabled solution for PCIe expansion, this card fits the bill.



The features of this new card include:

• Form factor: 1x. Will fit into any PCIe slot.
• Form factor: Full-height PCIe card.
• Bracket: Full height [FH]
• Cable: Two port RS-232 DB-9 fan-out
• Driver support: Standard
• Serial support: RS-232, 115.2 kbps, 16550 UART
• LAVA Lifetime Warranty

You can read the details in our press release.