Retail Solutions Providers Association

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RSPA logoWe’d like to devote this blog post to promoting the RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association), the major retail technology group (now over 60 years old). If you’re in the POS business we strongly suggest you consider joining.

The RSPA is an invaluable source for networking and information, and an active participant in promoting understanding of the PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Compliance), a very important industry  initiative to understand.

RSPA’s print publication Connect, email newsletter jiuce-news, and web site are full of articles on emerging technologies, current industry events, legal topics, and much more. RSPA also hosts the RetailNOW and INSPIRE conferences and conventions, and makes a membership directory available to its members.

The benefits of membership are a no-brainer for many — the membership cost is often more than offset by savings from services and affinity programs such as those below:

• The RSPA Legal Assistance Program offers a Legal Hotline (no-cost legal consultation),
contracts and forms packages, strategic partner packages, and employment packages
to help you run your business.

• RSPA has joined with Sentry Insurance to offer a new Property and Casualty
Protection Plan at group rates for RSPA Members.

• Educational seminars for all levels of retail technology professionals are
offered at both of RSPA’s summer and winter events, RetailNOW and INSPIRE,
as well as through other newly released programs.

• RSPA awards over $100,000 in college scholarships each year. Children,
grandchildren, full-time employees, and children of full-time employees of an
RSPA reseller member are eligible for an RSPA scholarship.

• Affinity programs for RSPA members — with special rates and pricing for services
and products — are available through UPS, Fedex, Nashua, Office Max, Sprint, and others.

Full details on the RSPA can be found at www.